Do you have:

  • Managers who struggle with the soft skills necessary to lead a successful team?
  • Employees who would be more effective with some intensive work on their communication skills?
  • Team members who want to find the assertive balance between being too passive and too aggressive?

Kathi can design a custom program for specific employees who would benefit from one-on-one communication and leadership skills coaching. She will talk with you to learn about the issues and needs of each employee, and will work with you to determine the scope of the work.

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“Kathi is an excellent communicator and listener. She impressed me with her thoroughness, clear definition of expectations, and commitments to improve my emotional intelligence. Kathi’s assertive training helped me understand weak areas that I needed to learn to effectively deal with difficult situations and people in the workplace. Specifically, walking through my team workspace, being curious and open to my team, was key to understanding how people were feeling, their moods. This allowed me to connect to my direct reports at an emotional level. Kathi followed my progress and challenged my original views about interacting with my co-workers and direct reports. As a result, I have a much better appreciation for the importance of putting myself in other people’s shoes and the value/benefits my team gained from these personal interactions.

Kathi was also very effective teaching me tools to answer and organize my thoughts when someone asked questions I was not prepared for. She not only provided the tools but also her personal experiences utilizing these techniques. I have become a more effective speaker due to her coaching and assertiveness program. I strongly recommend Kathi to other people with assertive communication skills problems.”

Kevin Martin

(name altered to protect client privacy)

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