I just attended an event for technologists. One of the keynotes was delivered by Kathi Finch. Most soft skills presentations I attend have great delivery or great content. This one had both. The content was inspiring and immensely useful. Her presentation was engaging, eloquent and beautifully delivered. It was one of the best keynotes I’ve attended, and time very well spent.
John Miller

Founder and CIO, Real-CIO Consulting

Kathi Finch is a brilliant speaker and communicator. She sheds light on complicated technical discussions to allow technical businesses to succeed. I highly recommend Kathi and her skillset to help any organization achieve excellence.
Thomas A. Anderson, P.E.

Licensed Mechanical Engineer, Swindell Dressler International Company

We were all very impressed with the way Kathi handled the training and worked with our team. She created a comfortable atmosphere among the group and kept everyone interested. I have attended several trainings in the past where people did not participate and she got 100% participation. We appreciated her professionalism and the knowledge of the materials. The training gave us the opportunity to make improvements and become a stronger team.

Edward DeMailo

President, Metalwerks, Inc.

I loved the workshops we had with Kathi. There were lots of practical suggestions and strategies she gave us. I used one of them almost immediately with one of my employees, and it made a big difference in our conversation.
Cindy Trimble

Director of Ancillary Services, Ellwood City Hospital

Kathi provided exactly what I needed when I needed it. She provided step-by-step guidance, checked in along the way, and followed up. You can tell she wants her clients to succeed. She supported and cheered me on. I’ve learned so much from Kathi and will definitely utilize her services again.

Chris Crytzer

Principal, Crytzer Communication

Kathi enthusiastically embraced the challenge of presenting to our large group of older adults. She was careful to plan a presentation that was engaging, respectful and relevant for this audience. This required lots of communication with me prior to the event – time Kathi willingly contributed in order to ensure this group left the presentation with a “toolbox” of readily applicable skills. Kathi’s attention to detail and engaging style of delivery guaranteed that EVERY member of the audience felt valued and personally involved.
Beth Ison

Coordinator of Aging Programs, Community College of Allegheny County

Kathi is an excellent communicator and listener. She impressed me with her thoroughness, clear definition of expectations, and commitments to improve my emotional intelligence. Kathi’s assertive training helped me understand weak areas that I needed to learn to effectively deal with difficult situations and people in the workplace. Specifically, walking through my team workspace, being curious and open to my team, was key to understanding how people were feeling, their moods. This allowed me to connect to my direct reports at an emotional level. Kathi followed my progress and challenged my original views about interacting with my co-workers and direct reports. As a result, I have a much better appreciation for the importance of putting myself in other people’s shoes and the value/benefits my team gained from these personal interactions.

Kathi was also very effective teaching me tools to answer and organize my thoughts when someone asked questions I was not prepared for. She not only provided the tools but also her personal experiences utilizing these techniques. I have become a more effective speaker due to her coaching and assertiveness program. I strongly recommend Kathi to other people with assertive communication skills problems.

Kevin Martin

(name altered to protect client privacy)

Excellent workshop! The skills covered in this workshop are extremely beneficial in the workplace. Kathi is an outstanding presenter and very knowledgeable. We appreciate her providing a quality service to our employer community.
Rich Strother

Program Manager, Job Training for Beaver County, Inc.

Working with Kathi these past few months has proven to be beneficial in resolving a work-related conflict as well as a family member conflict, too.

It was during our first meeting that I realized that Kathi had something special to offer. After talking with her for a bit, I came to the realization that I had finally found someone who understood me and what I was dealing with.

Working with Kathi, I was able to place these two individuals who have caused me a great deal of grief on the back burner of my life. I can now move forward and not let these two individuals run me down ever again. I feel I now have the tools to deal with these folks.

I would recommend Kathi to anyone who is in need of resolving any conflicts you may have. Every session, I walked away with something positive to hold on to that I can use in resolving issues and conflicts. I feel I am a better person because of Kathi and can walk with my head high. Kathi is compassionate, understanding and caring, which is a rare find these days.

Susan Hartigan

(name altered to protect client privacy)

Kathi is an excellent speaker and presenter. Very informative and knowledgeable. Will love to attend more in services from her in the future.
Margaret Leymarie, RN

Nurse Manager, Behavior Health Unit, Ellwood City Hospital

I feel like each workshop was useful and insightful for all of us. I look forward to reading through the monthly newsletter.
Hugh Mulvey

Material Planning Coordinator, VERSATEX Building Products, LLC