Who needs the drama, right?

You do. At least, you do when you’re making a presentation. Putting a little drama into it – or, in theatre-speak, adding the ole razzle dazzle – can be the difference between a persuasive presentation that accomplishes your goals and a quickly-forgotten exercise in testing your audience’s patience.

I’m not advocating style over substance. The heart of your presentation is your content. Without something substantial to talk about, your audience will walk away wondering why you wasted their time. Crafting and refining your content – making sure your message is clear, your supporting information is compelling, and your call to action is elegantly simple – is critical to making your presentation successful.

Once the content is strong and convincing, it’s time to start thinking about adding drama. How you deliver the content is what can set you apart from competitors and colleagues. Gestures, facial expressions, using the space in the room to your advantage, vocal tone and variety, and adding a demonstration, surprise, or “wow” moment can elevate your presentation to memorable heights. By infusing dramatic elements into your presentation – or, put another way, thinking about how to perform your presentation – can prevent “death by PowerPoint” and make sure your presentation leaves your audience energized and excited.

What are your favoriate dramatic elements to add to your presentations? Share them here!